Spirulina green porridge

spirulina green porridge

I'm always so cold when I'm home! Seriously, I wear padded clothes but I'm literally shivering!
"Winter is coming"... definitely... we now have to set the most HYGGE atmosphere we're able to create... Be strong, dudes, we're able to face it! ūüė§

We'll probably say good bye to the refreshing and colorful smoothies for a loooong time. Switching to the "oatmeal breakfast mode" doesn't have to be boring anyway.

By using coloring and nutritive ingredients and garnishing with delightful fruits, you won't miss your usual summer breakfast again!

For this recipe, I had the chance to have some delicious super fresh figs from my garden on hands: they naturally don't have the same sugary taste than the ones cultivates in warm areas but, for Belgian figs, they are quite yummy!

This green porridge doesn't need extra sugar: apple sauce will give all the necessary sweet taste.

To create exactly the same spirulina green porridge:


- 3tbs oats
- 100gr apple sauce
- 100ml water
- 1/2ts spirulina powder
- 1 fig
- 1/4 pomegranate
- a little bit of flax seeds
- a little bit of shredded coconut


In a little pot (or, as me, a small non stick pan) put your oats. Turn on the heat. Then add apple sauce and water. Stir well and, when it's half cooked, add spirulina powder. Continue to stir and cook until you get the wanted consistency.

Garnish with fig slices, pomegranate, shredded coconut and flax seeds.


  1. hey there!!
    i'm really not a spirulina person ... yikes!
    still I have some almost every morning, mixed and hidden in a yogurt, but definitely not for the taste!!

    the rest of your bowl is nice ;)

  2. I assume nobody like spirulina taste... in this recipe, I use enough apple sauce to completely hide it and it works fine for me =D

    And, don't hesitate to comment in French if you want ^^


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