Tahini veggies

tahini vegetables

You know those times when you desperately crave for something warming and satisfying but you don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen? You have some vegetables in your fridge but don't have a specific idea of what to use them for?

So, you just let your creativity do the job and... eventually, you're positively surprised by how efficient it has been?

That's what happened when I cooked this. So I wanted to share that recipe with you, guys. It's nothing  extraordinary, but it tastes amazing.


- 1/2 zucchini
- 1 carrot
- 2 tbs mild paprika
- 1 ts curry powder
- 1 ts garlic powder
- salt and pepper
- 1 tbs tahini
- water


Put all your vegetables in a pot, along with the spices. Cover them with a little bit of boiling water. When it's cooked (after more or less 15 min), turn off the heat. Then, add tahini and combine well.

Voila! Easy, right?


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