Rice "porridge"

rice porridge

Today, I won't share a recipe. Juste a little tip to deal with your cooking fails.

Did I tell you that I was bad at cooking? Even for the easiest recipes? Considering that fact, you can figure out how many failures I use to deal with in my kitchen.

A few days ago, I've purchased a Soyabella machine to make non dairy milk. I've used it twice to make rice milk. The first time, I choose to make it with basmati rice and it turned out ok. The second time, I made it with long gran rice and... the result was a kind of jelly texture which firms when cold...

If you experience that, don't panic! There are a lot of different ways to avoid food wasting and to, eventually, enjoy you fail!

Here is one of those solutions: a kind of rice porridge for a different breakfast. All you have to do is pouring your mixture in a bowl, microwave it, then add your favorite fruits, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, syrup and cinnamon.

And you, can you share one of your cooking fails and the way you saved it?


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