Vanilla chia pudding with strawberries for breakfast

vanilla strawberry chia pudding

(I took this picture a long time ago. Buying strawberries in Continental Europe on December is something you definitely shouldn't do...)

Which kind of person are you? 

The morning person: the one who's always the first awake and has plenty of time to get ready and even to spend on little quality times such as working out, stretching, meditating, reading or/and having a chill breakfast?

The "it's waaaaaay too early to wake me up" person: every morning is a real challenge you have to struggle with, each minute (and even each second) matters. Skipping breakfast is something you use to do since you're always late.

If you're in the first case: I totally ADMIRE you! Please, share your secret! You're not from our Earth, aren't you?

If you're the [IWTETWMU] one: I deeply know your pain. The rest of the world has to understand and to accept the fact that we aren't made to be efficient on a diurnal lifestyle! It's not our fault!

Wether you're in the first category or the second, I think this ultra easy recipe could be interesting for you: the morning persons would save even more time to do something else, the [IWTETWMU] ones would have a prepared breakfast they could grab, put on their bag and enjoy on the go.

Sooooo let's make a tasty chia pudding!


- 250ml vanilla soy drink
- 2tbs 1/2 of chia seeds
- 1tbs oats
- 4 strawberries


In a container: pour vanilla soy drink, chia seeds and oats. You can substitue soy drink by non dairy milk of your choice with a little bit of vanilla extract and sweetener for a healthier version.
Cover with a lid and let it overnight in the fridge.
Cut one strawberry into fine slices, two others into small cubes. Decorate a jar with the slices, pour more or less half of the chia pudding, add the strawberries cubes, pour the rest of chia pudding. Garnish with one more strawberry on top.

vanilla strawberry chia pudding


  1. AAMOF I am both at the same time! I wake up ad get up easily every morning, and have a healthy and pleasant routine, which includes ayurvedic skin care, drinking a glass of hot water, listening to music, cleaning the cats'litter, feeding them (so that they refill the litterbox), opeinig the windows no matter what the weather looks like, making my bed, sometimes a shower, getting dressed of course... it leaves little time for breakfast...
    so i make it while doing all the other stuff and bring it at work.
    it is usually fresh brewed tea, cold porridge with cinnamon (or ginger) and... this
    (bon appétit bien sûr!!!)

    BTW your breakfast looks amazing!! ;)

    1. Hahaha! It's the second time you send me a link to this "not that appealing" recipe!

      And I have to admit that I'm pretty amazed: I'd like to have your healthy morning routine so much T_T


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