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Yellow chia pudding for citrus lovers

A few days ago, I started to use Dr Greger's app: "Daily Dozen". Even though I'm not completely obsessed with that stuff, I admit that I really feel some kind of satisfaction when I'm filling the checklist...
I think it could, somehow, help me to make better food choices and to include more nutritional ingredients into my meals.
Do some of you also use this app? Or even better, have you read any of Dr Greger's book? What's your opinion about it? Let me know in the comment section!
With this simple breakfast, we can cross:
- 100% dose of berries (since kumquats are considered as berries in this app) - 1/3 other fruits - 100% nuts (seeds are considered as nuts) - 100% spices
And it's up to you to add flax seeds and oats to improve the nutritional benefits of this bowl!



- 100ml non dairy milk
- 3tbs chia seeds
- 8gr vanilla sugar
- 1/3ts turmeric

- 1tbs soy yoghurt
- 1 kumquat
- 1 limequat
- 1/2 tangerine
- some cornflakes


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