Buddha bowl with asian style sesame dressing

Vegan buddha bowl

I think that, sometimes, an easy, tasty and colorful dish is all you need to bring some happiness into your life.

And that's probably the reason why Buddha bowls has been created.

No song this time, just an extremely short article to describe an extremely easy recipe that can make you happy.

vegan buddha bowl sesame


- 1 portion of cooked rice
- 5 bette leaves (you an use any leaf you want)
- a few slices of radish
- a few slices of red bell pepper
- a half yellow carrot
- a half purple carrot
- a small piece on butternut squash


- 1 glove garlic
- 1 piece of ginger
- 1 green onion
- 1tbs tahini
- 1tbs lime juice
- 1tbs soy sauce
- a little bit of sriracha sauce
- a sprinkle of sesame seeds
- water to adjust the consistency


Bake or steam bette leaves, carrots and butternut squash (I used my microwave steamer).

Mince garlic and ginger. Cut green onion. Combine all the dressing ingredients.

Place all the ingredients into a large bowl, pour dressing onto... and enjoy your Buddha bowl!

vegan buddha bowl sesame


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