Vegan miso ramen

miso ramen

I absolutely love noodles soups: pho, ramen, ramyuen,... always so satisfying.

I still quite unable to eat this kind of dish by the "asian way". I live in a country where slurping is considered as a rude manner...

But, when I'm home alone, I try to do it because it's said that it's more enjoyable this way: you appreciate more all the flavors,...
And... IT'S EXTREMELY HARD TO DO!!! I don't understand the technic, I sometimes have little drops on my glasses and... I have to admit that I don't really taste the difference...
And you: do you slurp noodles? Do you find this method hard or disgusting?

I wanted to share my latest Japanese inspired miso ramen made with what I had on hands: you can trust me, it's pretty oishi!

miso ramen


- 1 portion of cooked noodles
- 1 bowl of water
- 2 sheets of yaki nori
- 1ts garlic powder
- 1ts onion powder
- 1tbs soy sauce
- 1tbs soybean paste
- 1 carrot
- 3 kale leaves
- some red bell pepper slices
- 1 green onion
- a sprinkle of sesame seeds


Cut the vegetables. In a pot, boil water. Put finely crumbled nori (one sheet), garlic and onion powder and soy sauce. Then add carrots and kale. Cover and let it cook for about 15 minutes.

When it's done, turn off the heat and dilue soybean paste with a strainer.

Put cooked noodles into a bowl, pour the soup and garnish with pepper slices, green onion, sesame seeds and yak nori sheet.


vegan miso ramen


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