Spicy pumpkin latte

Spicy pumpkin latte

Yo! It's been a while since the last time I posted. I thought I would be able to publish three times a week... but I finely realize that it's harder than expected... I'll try to do my best to post on a regular basis.

Even thought I hadn't time and energy enough to write, publish and share articles, I've been continued  to cook and shoot. I have a lot of healthy and tasty plant-based recipes to show you.

Let's start with this simple one!

Last week, we had hail in Brussels! Just when I had to go out and was almost late... If you've followed my few previous articles, you've probably guessed that I wasn't a fan of winter, cold weather, dark days,... I have to find A LOT of different hygge ideas to help me to face this on and survive until spring... Last year, a colleague made me discover chaï tea and this extremely comfort drink immediately became a part of the hygge routine I decided to set.

This year, I try something new: the spicy pumpkin latte! Smells relaxing, has a nice texture and tastes gingerbread... perfect!

In this recipe, I used a small piece of cooked butternut squash and I made my mix of spices myself. But feel free to use pumpkin puree and gingerbread mix of spices if it's easily available in your area (never found that kind of products here...)


- 1tbs cooked butternut squash (or any other squash)
- 1 little part of star anise (I don't know how it's called)
- 1 small clove
- 1/2 ts grounded cinnamon
- a sprinkle of grounded nutmeg
- 100ml non dairy milk
- 100ml hot pressed coffee


Steam the squash during 10 minutes (more or less).
In your blender, ground the part of star anise and the clove. Then, add the rest of your spices and mix. Prepare the coffee, microwave non dairy milk. Add them in the blender, along with the cooked squash. Blend well and transfer immediately to you favorite mug: so you obtain a nice foam and the pumpkin latte still warm.

Wrap yourself in a big blanket, take a good book and enjoy this delicious spicy pumpkin latte.


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