Spirulina green smoothie bowl

spirulina green smoothie bowl

I'm enjoying the last pack of local strawberries bought this year... think I will miss that this winter...

Well, today, let's have a nourishing smoothie bowl!
Spirulina is an amazing superfood which contains almost everything your body needs. I wouldn't tell you to substitute your B12 intake by a spoon of spirulina since the efficiency of this vitamin found in this seaweed remains uncertain.

But, it's packed with a lot of nutrients that are good for you, and especially for non animal product consumers : protein, iron, calcium... Perfect!

And, to my fellow countrymen: it's seems that we will be able to find Belgian spirulina soon!

To make this smoothie bowl:
In a blender, put a half banana, a pear, a half teaspoon of spirulina and a splash of non dairy milk. Blend it. Pour it into a bowl. Garnish with strawberries, banana slices, mix of nuts and raisins, shredded coconut, poppy seeds and flax seeds.

I recommend to use an ingredient whose taste and smell are strong (such as banana) to balance with spirulina.

Enjoy you highly nutritive breakfast!


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