Creamy kale spaghetti

Creamy kale spaghetti

In my country, it's not that easy to find kale. I mean, it's easier than before, you can get this kind of specific leaf in organic markets, but it's not something Belgian people use to have in their meals. And that's such a shame.
I explain: nowadays, since it became a popular healthy food in northern America, it's trendy to buy kale everywhere in the world. And, here in Belgium, we "discover" this new kind of cabbage... which was an old and forgotten variety cultivated in our own country.
I think we live now a perfect opportunity to promote and expand a real diversity in our agriculture...

Well, let's move to the recipe =). It's exactly the kind of dish you might like for a lazy dinner, when you don't have time to cook.


- 3 medium leaves of kale
- a little bit of boiling water to help it cook
- 5 cherry tomatoes
- 1 portion of cooked spaghetti
- 100ml non dairy cream (here: oat cream)
- 1ts garlic powder
- 1tbs mild paprika
- 1ts curry powder
- 1ts dried parsley
- salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste


In a pan, put your chopped kale with a little bit of boiling water. When it's soften enough (5 to 10min), add the cooked spaghetti, cream and spices.
And it's done!

Garnish with half cut cherry tomatoes and seeds (here, it's poppy seeds).


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